Marconi Illustrations Barred Owl 1

The Coast Miwok people have deeply influenced the historical and cultural fabric of Marin County and the area around Marconi State Historic Park.

Inhabiting the coastal regions of Marin and southern Sonoma Counties before European settlement, their connection to these lands stretches back millennia. Around Tomales Bay and what is now Marconi State Historic Park, the Coast Miwok expertly harnessed the bounty of the land and sea, exemplifying sustainable living and environmental stewardship. They used controlled burning to manage the landscape, promoting biodiversity and the flourishing of resources that supported their communities.

The arrival of European settlers marked a pivotal shift in the Coast Miwok’s way of life, introducing new challenges and changes to their traditional practices. Despite these changes, the Coast Miwok’s profound connection to the region endures, contributing significantly to our understanding of the area’s history and the broader narrative of Northern California.

Today, the Coast Miwok’s descendants remain a vital part of the region’s cultural and social landscape, actively preserving their heritage and historical sites. Recognizing and honoring the Coast Miwok’s history and ongoing presence is essential, not only for paying tribute to their enduring legacy but also for embracing the rich diversity and depth of our shared history.